There are three different ways of coming to Lakabe: courses, open doors and work camps. In order to attend any of them, it is necessary to consult us first by sending an email to and indicating «courses», «open doors» or «workcamps».

Courses: during the whole year we offer courses surrounding different issues in Lakabe: making bread and bakery, facilitation training, mediation and conflict management, yoga, preparing wool and baskets, creative writing…

Open doors: they are periods of two weeks where we open the village to host a number of people that wish to experiment living with us for a few days, collaborating in daily tasks. There is no need for economic contribution.

Working camps: sometimes we host people to collaborate in a specific task (fixing a roof, collecting wood, etc).  There is no need for economic contribution.



Activities this year

The activities of the year are only in spanish and basque So, by the word “Castellano”, on the top of the website, on the right side, yo can go to the activities. Or here: Click here

Most of activities in Lakabe (courses, open doors and working camps) are in spring, summer and autum. In february we will start completing the activities of the year. Anyway, if you have any doubts before that moment, you can write to our email