If you would like to contact the bakery please write: lakabekoogia@gmail.com

In 1980 when we came to squat and live in the village of Lakabe, one of the few things that we knew was that we wanted to bake our own wholemeal bread. For this we rebuilt an oven that was in the village. It was and it still is a wood-fired oven with good dimensions and that with a little repair (also in the workroom that was in a bad state) offered us the opportunity to start making our own bread…with wholemeal flour, with compressed yeast, water and salt; without much knowledge, with a lot of enthusiasm, with all our love and with the will of satisfying one of our basic and eternal needs … bread…

What we did not expect then, was that we would end up selling that bread, taking it out of the village for commercialization. There were a series of coincidences such as that locally nobody was elaborating that kind of bread along with people´s encouragement, and the demand that inspired us to do it, or try, at least.

We owe these fist steps to Antonio (now in Ortzadar). Without his support we would have never been able to do it; also the Tzandera Market as the first fare of direct selling and contact with potential customers, the more unlikely and the most loyal ones. From that bread, from that period, everyday was an adventure! Beside some significant incidents (the workroom burnt two times) and some easy-going days, our rhythm was not altered; we have always been constant and with the intention of improving, persistence and with the motivation of change for something that is really worth it.

We also remember that transport was not easy… we were moving everything with mares and horses, no matter the situation or climate. So the final product as well as the raw material arrived and left through those paths from and to the road…

Those loaves, those first periods, that learning, were making steps towards real changes and tangible improvements in the products and their elaboration.

And also searching and searching, we start to make bread with culture yeast and with ecological wheat: we have been using these products alone for more than 30 years now.

As you may know, this started a long time ago and it means, as I said before, that we have asked for a lot and you have too. Because we are conscious that without this relationship this would have never been possible.

The bakery and the struggle for human resources is close to every loaf of bread we make…We recognise that it was never easy; burnt bread, raw bread, un-risen bread… but we understand that with patience and the support of our clients this path has been possible.

This product has given and still gives to our economy enabling the project, the village, and the Lakabe community the possibility of feeling health and satisfied in this aspect.

Since the late 90s, we have been making bread in a new bakery that we built from ruins. This occured to formalize and legalize our selling; as well as to benefit from a more comfortable space more attune with our real needs, after some years of experience.

This aspect of our life, invites us to make regular visits to the outside, a meeting with one part of our life, a push to other activities, a concern for change always, as an open window non-exempted of contradictions, satisfactions, doubts, emotions, and, overall, of gratitude, to you among other things for your support from when it begins to when you decide.