• In rainy and snowy seasons, bring boots and indoor shoes. In the houses boots and hard-soled shoes are not permitted.
  • A flashlight. There is no outside lighting..
  • There are no bars and shops. Smokers should bring what you think you need.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Water from the houses where you sleep will be re-used in the gardens; bring ecological hygiene products (you can also get some of the ones we make here)
  • We live with animals such as cows, horses, etc; please do not bring dogs (they can frighten and change them).



  • Our preference is to receive the money here when people arrive.
  • Kids under 10years old do not pay. Then they pay up to 50% until 14 years old. Over 14 years old they pay the same price as an adult.
  • The price of each workshop changes depending on content, hours and the people that facilitate or offer it.
  • We are also open to exchange or alternative methods of payment, when agreed beforehand. To be part of this system, Lakabe has a list of needs and people see what can match with their abilities and possibilities. You may also offer something different. The agreement is closed before the workshop, course, gathering, etc.
  • There is more information at the end of this page: “Our philosophy on exchanges” and “Exchange list”.



  • From Monday to Thursday at 14:30 from Pamplona/Iruña there is a bus that stops 400mts from Lakabe.
  • On Friday afternoons there is a bus leaving Pamplona/Iruña at 19:00 that stops 400mts from Lakabe.
  • On Saturdays the bus leaves Pamplona/Iruña at 13:30 and stops 400mts from Lakabe.
  • (In Pamplona/Iruña there is only one bus station and it is in the city centre)



We are facing a period in collective living (understanding “collective living” as the management of different individual and group ways of interaction within the space of social relations) where monetary exchanges are ceasing and other ways in which to satisfy the collective needs and fair distribution of resources are emerging. …we have to find a new equilibrium both in distribution and consumption. A space for research and learning opens up…


In addition Lakabe is a collective that has been learning how to self-regulate the consumption and self-management of its resources for many years. It has a wide variety of self-sufficient areas from where it supplies.


As a group with an active commitment towards the transformation of society, it also wishes to support the people and groups that come to share our experiences and to search together for ways of sharing.


We are also aware that we cannot, alone, take on the magnitude of this social period. Therefore, as a group we have made temporal agreements to take a step towards what we wish for.


They are:

In each course, workshop or gathering that we do we will open a space for exchange/barter that does not represent more than 50% of the expected revenue.

This arrangement is intended to happen with all the people that ask for exchange.


Our preference is to call people for specific circumstances where there is a lot of activity in the village (harvesting, wood, preserves, tree planting, etc.). These periods do not need to match with the date of the course. Normally, they are during other times of the year when we really need help.




Our commitment in the long term is working in a new culture of social exchange. Maybe through social and local money, or in another way that may draw from previous experiences.


This way, we encourage all people to create their own agenda of personal and collective resources to share in the public space so we can all nurture them. We aim to create bidirectional links…and also highlight the essence of how a new social paradigm that considers barter as a legitimate way of “paying” and “ charging”.



Barter and exchange list (things that Lakabe needs)

  • Wicker
  • Looms
  • Organic Fruit
  • Organic Vegetables
  • Sewing machine with pedal (not electric)
  • Different Tools, axes
  • Apiculture material (gloves, masks, hive)
  • An electrician for a few days
  • A carpenter for a few days
  • A chef for a few days
  • Machine to make butter (by hand)
  • Any kind of tree
  • Organic seed for gardening
  • Organic saplings
  • Montessori material (educational material for children)
  • Massage therapist
  • Pack and pulling animal training and dressage
  • Natural wool
  • Translations (euskera, english, french…)
  • All kinds of musical instruments  (different colours and condition such as: claves, musical boxes, triangles, flutes, xilophones, harp, whistle, ocarina, carillón, trumpets, whistles.
  • Juggling material such as: balls, hoops, maces
  • Psicomotricity hoops
  • Industrial Blender
  • Big Tupperware
  • Other things that people might be interested to offer.